07-05-29 | Dovetail

This Morning Dove has made it's nest in our neighbour's Mulberry Tree. It's nice and close to the ground, and the bird is pretty tame, so we can get up nice and close. I really like the first pic above. The colours in the background are nice and saturated, but there is still a bit definition in the bird itself. Now we're just waiting for the babies to hatch so we can snap some pics of those.

07-05-28 | The Yard

Just took some shots around the yard today. Nothing special, but I like the way the artificial rainbow turned out (it was just Jess watering the lawn).

07-05-27 | After the Rain

Pretty crappy day today... Dan and I managed to get the back deck pulled up and everything leveled off underneath before the rain started (we've had some water problems in the basement, FYI). On the plus side, the rain made for some nice, vibrant pics... And lots of them, obviously.

07-05-26 | Near & Far

Today I was playing around with some different depth shots. At first, everything came out in silhouette with this shot, so I popped up the flash so that I could get some of the green from the closer cedar tree. Not a great shot, but part of the learning curve is figuring out when to use the flash. Even in daylight (some would say especially in daylight) the flash is necessary to add colour to some shots.

07-05-25 | I-Lash

You know the old Hollywood saying, "Never work with Kids or Animals"? Well, I now have a small insight into why they say that (the part about the animals, anyway). Ishka does not make an ideal subject at close range. I did, however, manage to get this one good shot (out of about 15 attempts) with my close-up filters, which was supposed to be a close-up of the definition in her eye. I think the accidental focus on her lashes actually makes this picture as good as it is, but it would still be better if she wasn't so damn fidgety.

07-05-24 | Lost in Suburbia

Out walking the dog today (seems to be a theme), I came across a couple of things that just didn't seem to belong in our little suburban utopia.

07-05-23 | Hearts on a String

I've been trying to avoid posting too many pictures of flowers, etc. but something about this picture made me think it deserved to be posted. So there it is.

07-05-22 | Ghost Dog

I have a small confession to make about these pics. They weren't actually taken today, but a couple of days ago. They're just waaay too bizarre to not post.

Imprinted in the concrete leading to our front door, are a set of dog-prints that were obviously made when the concrete was poured.
We've lived in this house for just over 6 years now, and neither Jess nor I have ever noticed this before... I guess it just took the right light at the right time of day for it to be visible.

07-05-21 | Moon over Mercurio's

We went over to Danny & Marilyn's today to hang out by the pool and stayed outside just long enough to catch this scene of the moon rising as the sun set.

07-05-20 | New Hotness

Today I finished off a project that I've been working on for the last month or so. I had gotten an old banana seat bike that was sitting in a junk pile at a friend's cottage (or as we call it up north, a camp) last year, and started working on it this spring. It was in pretty rough shape, and it took a bit of work to grind down the 3 layers of paint that was on it and clean up all the rust, but I think I've brought it back to life.

07-05-19 | Broken Vows

Well, I had a rough day at work today. First, I got called in early because someone didn't show up for their shift, then, while moving some pallets around with the transporter, I ended up crushing my hand pretty bad. Nothing's broken, except my wedding ring, which we had to make a run to emergency (after finishing my shift, of course) to have cut off so it didn't impede the swelling and cause any more damage overnight. Actually, I think the ring is what saved me from breaking a couple of fingers. My hand is swollen up pretty good, but nothing that a couple of days off won't help (I was already scheduled to be off, no sick time for this working stiff). Anyway, this is what is left of my ring after the nurses cut it off...

07-05-18 | Fakin' It

I recently bought a set of Close-up filters (which basically turn any lens into a pseudo macro lens) and I have just been waiting for the step-up and step-down rings I ordered from eBay to show up so I could mount them on my lenses. Well, today was that day. Unfortunately, they showed up just before I had to go to work, so I only had a few minutes to play around with them. I did manage to get a few shots in, and these were the best of them. Not bad, but a little "soft" for my liking. I guess I'll just have to play around some.

07-05-17 | Boy Meets Dog

I went outside this afternoon after I got home from work and this little guy was just leaving our neighbour's house. He was quite taken with Ishka. As was she, with him. She would howl, he would screech, she would howl again, he would screech, etc. The little guy had no fear. Ishka was running her fool head off and would go bounding directly toward him, and he wouldn't budge. He would just stand there and smile. It was fun to watch.

And of course, I couldn't mention Ishka without posting a pic of her. After all the excitement she had a little rest in the front yard and just watched the world go by. Luckily for me, she plunked herself right behind one of the few dandelions in the yard, which gives this picture a little something extra.

07-05-16 | Self Portrait

After receiving a couple of emails mentioning that some people I notified about this experiment hadn't seen any pictures of me lately, I decided to try out some self-portraits. The first one was my favorite of the bunch, but the second one reminds me of a picture I've seen of Johnny Depp, and how often will I have the opportunity to say that.

Not that I'm saying I look like the former (and some would say still) sexiest man alive, but seeing as I'm talking about movies here, I think I'm probably right. Natch!

Note: For those naysayers out there, I'm gonna try and find the picture of Sir Depp I'm referring to and post it here for debate.

Update: Well, I had no luck finding the picture of Johnny Depp that I was referring to, so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

07-05-15 | Dad @ Diner

My dad is in town for a couple of days, so I took him out this morning for a belated birthday breakfast and snapped this candid shot from about 2 feet away. At this rate, this new lens is never coming off my camera. Having the ability to go from a nice wide 28mm to a distant 300mm is very convenient. I was initially taking this shot with the intention of desaturating it and posting it in Black & White, but the colours work too well to lose them. It wasn't intentional, but a welcome accident none-the-less.

*Side note: A really surreal moment during our breakfast; The waitress came around to clear our plates and as she was clearing mine, she said "You did good!" like she was talking to an 8 years old. Just bizarre considering I was sitting across from my dad.

07-05-14 | Spring has Sprung

Here are today's pics...

This is a picture of the apple tree in our back yard, which is just about in full bloom. I like that the focal point isn't where you would expect it to be.


I took this next shot while out walking the dog. It was a small red blooming bush with a larger Japanese maple about 15 feet behind it, which flooded the frame in crimson.

07-05-13 | Ten Again

Well, here is the first in my Pic-a-Day photo experiment that I mentioned earlier today. I was playing around with a new lens I got last week and snapped this one of Jess as she was coming around the side of the house.

Finally... Some Direction

Well, I think I've finally decided what to do with this here blog. It's only been, what, eight months since I last posted anything (or even logged in for that matter). Obviously I didn't have anything important (or interesting) enough to say.

But now, now I have some direction in [blog] life.

Seeing as I've spent more money than I probably should have on camera equipment lately, I've decided that I need to ensure that I stay motivated to use all my new goodies. So I'm gonna start posting a pic-a-day. The rules I've set out for myself are as follows:

1. Take at least one picture a day.
2. Post at least one picture a day.

Pretty simple set of rules, right? Well, I've never been one to follow rules very well, so we'll see how well I stick to this regimen. First one to come later tonight.

I'm hoping that this experiment will not only help keep me motivated, but will document my progress as a photographer. Some pictures will be topical (with little stories or explanations), some will just be cool and some will be posted for their (hopefully) technical prowess. Basically, whatever I feel like posting that day.

Well, I guess that's my mission statement. Hopefully I can stick to it.