07-07-30 | Fertile

This picture was a holdout from yesterday's shots. I think the picture speaks for itself, but the title pretty much says it all.

07-07-29 | Chronology

This is a series of pics that we took today... in chronological order. It was a photographically fruitful day.

07-07-28 | Test Shoot

So, for those of you that don't already know, Jess and I will be doing the photography for my cousin's wedding in September. As an experiment, Jess and I went over to the park today for a test shoot with the new camera to get used to how it functions in an outdoor portrait setting (i.e. stylized wedding pictures). Most of these came out a little washed, but it was nothing a little digital touch-up couldn't fix. The results are, well, I'll let my cousin's fiancee, Angela, decide that. Ange? If you're reading this, what do you think?

07-07-27 | Mello Yello

The first picture above was an intentional shot on my part (with a pretty cool result), whereas the second was an accidental shot on Jess' part... she left the shutter open for about 20 seconds (with an even cooler result).

We are slowly realizing that the learning curve associated with the new camera might be a little bigger than originally thought. Good thing I have the weekend off to duct tape it to my hands and simply take pictures... Although I'm sure Jess would prefer if I did a few things around the house. One thing I will give this camera is that it is fast, and once I get used to where everything is, it will make for much quicker shooting.

07-07-26 | Starting Over...

This pic seemed appropriate for the re-launch (of sorts) of the blog. Being as this is the first official blog pic taken with our new camera (yaaaay upgrade!). There will be a bit of a learning curve... all the functions are basically the same, but it has A LOT of new features and the button layout has changed a bit. Regardless, I'm looking forward to the challenge.

07-07-24 | The Last Pic...

No, I'm not giving up photography. Just the opposite. It's simply that this will likely be my last picture taken with my old camera. That's right, we've upgraded. Upgraded to the pro version of our tried and tested Pentax Ist Ds2. This isn't a great pic by any stretch, but the opportunity presented itself for a very short period, so I got what I could while it was still there. I'm looking forward to the battery for the new camera charging up so I can try it out on my own terms (i.e. not in the camera shop).

Adios my trustworthy friend.

07-07-21 | Scrb. Cottage pt.2

We went over to Danny & Marilyn's last night for some dinner and a couple of pops, and as usual, ended up taking a tonne of pictures. Here are a handful of them to try and make up for not posting much lately.

07-07-20 | Moss grows fat

Jess snapped this picture tonight while I was working late... She says she's not sure how she got the effect, which is unfortunate, because I would really like to know. No color filter. No after effects. No clue.

07-07-16 | Low. Ri. Der.

The pictures have been few and far between lately. I've been busy working on the bike and a couple of other things that I won't bore you with. One of the things I did (and by I, I mean me and Dan) was lower the back end of the bike by four inches to give it a sleeker look. Looks sweet, rides hard. ;)

07-07-15 | Burning Leafs

Jess snapped this pic while we were sitting out front tonight. I think she's trying to copy me (See "Sunset Flare"). Regardless, it's a pretty cool shot.

07-07-13 | Fractured Clouds

Some more shots from when we were downtown yesterday. The shape of the building in the first two pics above (slightly curved) caused a pretty cool fractured/mosaic effect. The third one is just a bonus and has nothing to do with the title... 'cause I needed to point that out... Natch!

07-07-12 | Freedom!

Jess' cousin Donna had her baby boy yesterday (Aidan is his name), so I met Jess downtown today after work to go meet him. Jess had the foresight to bring the camera with her and I basically stood there snapping pictures. I was actually going to name this post "Choose a Title" and leave it up to you, the viewers (all 4 of you) to pick. The options would have been:

1. Freedom

2. Rise

3. Fight the Power

Vote... Now!

07-07-11 | Sunset Flare

I took some pictures while we were sitting out front tonight. The sun was crazy bright and caused some interesting effects, including this "neat-o" flare.

07-07-10 | Split the Frame

Dark Night. Passing car. Slow shutter. 'Nuff said.

07-07-09 | Fishbowl Reflections

Just taking random shots today. The natural light in the house is pretty good, so I figured I might as well take advantage of it. This is a picture of our fish, Blue, and his hanging habitat.

07-07-08 | Efficiency

With all the talk of global warming and energy conservation lately, I couldn't not do my part, so I went out and picked up a few simple items that can help drastically reduce energy consumption and Greenhouse Gases, including low wattage / high efficiency lightbulbs and a programmable thermostat. It'll be interesting to see if we notice a difference on our next utility/gas bills.

07-07-07 | Prep the Whiskey

Jess cleaned out the garage while I was at work today and washed out the mason jars that Tyler's dad gave her after their yard sale. I snapped this pic because there was nothing else of interest in out front yard. Yup. Went above and beyond for today's shot.

07-07-05 | Rain, Rain...

Keeping with the B&W theme from the last picture... We had a bit of a storm pass through today with quite a few sunshowers. I snapped this pick during one of the downpours. It just looked a little more dramatic in black & white.

07-07-04 | Night Watch

I haven't been taking too many pictures in the last few days... Been kind of busy. But I managed to snap a couple tonight through the mist. Old school look. Newer cars.

07-07-01 | Ben & Bella

My sister was in town over the Canada Day weekend before heading to Taiwan to teach for a month and her former neighbours from Thunder Bay (and their two kids) made the trip down from the Peterborough area to surprise her. They were the first to get here, so it gave them the opportunity to spend some time with Monique and it gave us the opportunity to get some good pictures of the kids at the park across the street.