07-11-19 | Bits as Bytes

The new facial doo. Is my nose really that crooked?

This is supposed to be a picture of my eye, but the remnants of my unibrow overshadows all.

Apparently I forgot to trim the right side of my upper lip.

Holy crap! I'm gonna have to invest in a nosehair trimmer!

This is one of my favourite shots. It just looks cool. I figured I'd end it on a high(er) note.

07-10-31 | Playin'Round

This is a shot of my new toy... A sweet-sounding Fender acoustic bass. Been having lots of fun with it for the last couple of weeks and now that I've built up the callus' on my fingers, it doesn't hurt as much to play for extended periods, much to everyone's dismay.

07-10-13 | Miss'd Opportunity

This was supposed to be a shot of the funky swirls in my coffee, but I had the wrong lens on the camera and by the time I got back this muddled mess was all that remained. I do, however, like the shallow depth of field in the shot.

07-10-10 | Ctrl t/ Lt

Just playing around with ISO and shutter speed settings to get different effects.

07-10-08 | Scavenging Seaton

Welcome to the Seaton Hiking Trail...

Middle of Nowhere

Iron & Vine

Land Before Time


07-09-24 | Afternoon Delight

Not that kind of "Delight", ya sickos. These are some shots that I took this (go figure) afternoon. Golden Hour, baby, Golden Hour.

07-09-20 | Fall Preview

Just a friendly reminder. Funky pic I took while out with the Dog.

07-09-16 | From the Road

Harbour Stairs

Backstreet of the O.S.

Mists of McKay

Time's Up

Well, back to it (work and the blog). We had a good trip up to Tbay. It was a chilly and wet ride, but it was all part of the adventure. As opposed to posting these separately, I'm just putting them up at once, with titles. Feeling lazy? Perhaps.