WK25 Sabotage

By Beastie Boys

1 pair of found Aviator Shades
1 BADASS 70's mustache (and one week of having to live with it)

= Some pretty funny shots.

(Thanks to Tyler B. for steering me away from trying to find a Burt Reynolds theme for this shot.)

WK24 Something To Believe In

By Poison
"Underneath the broken old neon sign, that used to read Jesus Saves"

WK23 Don't Drink The Water

By Dave Matthews

I'm not entirely happy with how this .jpg turned out. I ended up losing a lot of vivid yellow saturation and overall tone in the conversion, but I still think it's worth posting...

WK22 Fields of Gold

By Sting

I was originally going to title this one Omaha (by Counting Crows), but seeing as I've never actually been to Omaha, I thought twice about assuming this is what it looks like. But it is a much better song, IMHO.