Movin' Out...

For those of you that frequent this blog, I have a new site that I am switching to that will make my life a little easier with regards to updating content. Blogger has served its purpose for the last few years, and while the new site isn't quite as pretty, the functionality is far superior. For instance, yesterday I uploaded all my "keepers" from our trip down south, all 360 of them, to the new site and it only took me a few hours, whereas on blogger, that would have been a tedious two week process.

No word if Jess is going to join me over there, but with any luck she will and we'll be able to amalgamate both of our blogs into one, making it easier for everyone to find us.

Please update your bookmarks to the following:



WK 52 Wind of Change

By Scorpions

I thought this was quite fitting for the final post in my yearlong experiment exploring song titles as photographs... I haven't fully decided whether to continue on with this theme (or maybe a variation of it) in the new year, but I guess I'll have to decide soon enough... Happy New Year!

WK 51 Cold Spring Harbour

By Billy Joel

WK 50 Split the Difference

By Gomez

WK 49 Dock of the Bay

By Otis Redding

WK 48 Fools Rush In*

By Ricky Nelson

Fools Rush In
(Where Angels Fear To Tread)

WK 47 Against The Grain

By Ray LaMontagne

WK 46 The Other Side

By Aerosmith

WK 45 Evenflow (for Tyler)

By Pearl Jam

WK 44 Sometimes Salvation

By The Black Crowes

WK 43 Down in a Hole

By Alice in Chains

During my 6 hour expedition to the Airport last week, I came across a giant abandoned Brick factory in York Region and in more than a few spots, there were large holes in the concrete that connected the 6 or 7 large buildings. The odd thing was that underneath the concrete was layer after layer of brick... Almost as if they had built up the land using bricks instead of soil. There may have been tunnels connecting the buildings, but I wasn't in an adventurous enough mood to hop down and find out... Some things are better off left to the imagination.

WK 42 Boneyard Tree

By Watchmen

WK 41 Broken Down Angel

By Nazareth

WK 40 In the Colors

By Ben Harper

One camera; iPod set to shuffle; a full tank of Gas; and a 6 hour backroad excursion to the airport... I'm thankful for the resilient Maples that held on to their leaves long enough for me to finally get out for a fall photographic excursion.

WK 39 Been Caught Stealing

By Jane's Addiction

WK 38 1 Picture, 3 Songs

Tones of Home By Blind Melon

Whiskey Lullaby By Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss

The Cattle and the Creeping Things by The Hold Steady

WK 35 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

By The Ramones

This year's harvest has been marred by a combination of cold weather, too much rain, not enough rain and everything in between. Our Peas have suffered visibly as you can see below... Really just an excuse to finally use a Ramones song on the blog.

WK 34 Lonely Road

By Everlast

WK 33 Freaks

By Soul Asylum

A few shots from Buskerfest last weekend...

WK 31 Taylor

By Jack Johnson

I went searching for this picture
of our god-daughter Taylor taken with a film camera (gasp!) a few years ago for a completely different reason, but once I found it, I couldn't resist posting it here. One of my favourite pictures I've taken.

WK 30 Lightning Crashes

By Live

There was a pretty impressive lightning storm in the Toronto area tonight, so, after a few shots from the front of the house, Jess and I decided to head down to Lake Ontario to get some keepers.

WK 29 No Beginning No End

By Hawksley Workman

I've wanted to post this picture since I took it a few month's back, but couldn't come up with a song title that really suited it. I've been referring to it as "No Line on the Horizon", but I'll be damned if I'm going to put a U2 song on this blog (Note: Unless it's Angel of Harlem).

We just had this printed on a 20" x 26" canvas and as soon as I saw it, the song above came to me. Its melancholy feel is exactly what I get when I look at this picture.

(Additional note: Jess just pointed out that "No Beginning No End" is actually the name of the very first post on this blog from 2006, how apropos.)

WK 28 Level

By The Raconteurs

I figure every photographer from Toronto has a few of these typical nighttime skyline shots in his/her portfolio, so I decided to add a few to mine as well. The first image is the one associated with the song and the second is just there to prove to myself that I can take a level picture while laying on my stomach on a pier.

WK 27 Morning Yearning

By Ben Harper

This is a shot I set up to enter into this month's contest at
(subject: Morning). I won last month's contest (subject: Streets) by 3 votes, and I'm hoping this one does well too.

WK25 Sabotage

By Beastie Boys

1 pair of found Aviator Shades
1 BADASS 70's mustache (and one week of having to live with it)

= Some pretty funny shots.

(Thanks to Tyler B. for steering me away from trying to find a Burt Reynolds theme for this shot.)

WK24 Something To Believe In

By Poison
"Underneath the broken old neon sign, that used to read Jesus Saves"