07-08-26 | Jules

Just liked this pic so much that I had to post it as well.

07-08-26 | Colour Key

Jess' ever-adept eye caught the cool colour cast on Danny & Mar's fence while we were there taking family portraits. Just a funky shot. The second one is a pic of a friend waiting for us when we got home. The shadow was cast by the headlights from the truck and gives it an odd depth.

07-08-22 | Rust Bucket

Our new lens arrived today (very fast, very sharp and great bokeh... sweeeeet) but I only got to play with it for a few minutes before going to work. So I just tested out the crispness. These are the results. You can kind of see it, but you might have to click on the first image to see how sharp it is. Look for the hair hanging off the hoodie. The second is a picture of a pile of rust that came off of Dan's truck.

07-08-21 | One Man's Junk

It was garbage day today, so I took a walk around the block to see what kind of interesting things people put out at the curb. It was a pretty crappy day though, so most of the pictures I took had a very cold, impersonal, unsaturated feel to them. I tried to use that to my advantage and below are the results... split into three separate headings.

Storm Front

Old Spoke Lovers

Tree's Lounge

07-08-20 | Panorama!

I'm back! I had the idea to try and piece together a panoramic pic, and the park across the street was both convenient and good subject matter. This shot consists of 4 separate shots pieced together in photoshop with some level adjustments and a little touching up. It's not perfect, but it'll do.

Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Serious lack of...

It's excuse time again... I haven't posted anything for the last couple of weeks and now I'm feeling guilty. But (as always) I have a viable excuse. I was sent to a another store last week to "play manager" while the actual manager was on vacation. It was a long week, the place was a mess, but I left it in better shape than when I got there, and that was my goal, so mission accomplished.

The good news is that something photographically productive happened while I was on hiatus. Jess started her own blog and has posted some great pictures. Check it out here: http://marriedtomaynerrd.blogspot.com

A little friendly competition will probably be a good thing, but now we'll be fighting over the laptop to post our images. Oh, well. Ces't la vie.

07-08-12 | Success!

Well, the moment we've all been waiting for (OK, I've been waiting for) finally arrived on Friday morning. The new exhaust system for the Mistress (AKA my motorcycle) showed up (thanks for the courier service, Dad!), which was really nice, because it wasn't scheduled to show up until Monday, and without having this weekend to work on it, I don't know when I would have found the time to do it all. So under the rouse of a garage party, I invited Danny over and lured Dan to the garage with a cold bottle of Crystal. We then spent the night tearing the bike apart. At Danny's suggestion, we completely removed the Carbs from the bike to do the jetting, as opposed to leaving them on, which would have been a bitch! As anticipated, the brass screws on the carbs were brutal to get off and we mangled a few, but everything went back on and there are no leaks... Whew! Next came the modification to the air box. Simple and cheap (i.e. free). Drill a couple holes in the back and cut out a slot facing forward to ram extra air into the system to compensate for the free flowing pipes and the added gas from the (much) bigger carb jets. The installation of the exhaust itself was probably the biggest pain in the ass. I wont go into details, but suffice it to say, at 1:00am we were all getting pretty frustrated with them. We finally managed to get them on, and called it a night at about 1:30am, with only the finishing reassembly left (put the gas tank and air box back on, reattach the forward controls, tighten everything up, etc.)

Danny came back over this morning for the initial firing, and low and behold, once we got the carbs filled with gas, she fired right up and scared the shit out of all of us. Loud is an understatement for these things. I was really just looking for a power increase and some sleeker lines on the bike, but the rumble out of these things is capable of loosening fillings. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.

To see a full set of pictures documenting this life altering modification (overstatement? maybe.) Check out Jess' brand new blog at the following link:


To hear her roar, click here!

07-08-07 | Escher-esque

I took this picture in Jess' building while I was waiting for her to finish work. It kind of tricks the eye, hence the title.

07-08-06 | Hold Steady

I had been anxiously awaiting last night's Hold Steady show at The Opera House for the last 2 months, and they certainly didn't disappoint. I'm not sure who they nudged out of my top 3 concerts, but somebody's gotta go. I'm pretty sure I woke up with a smile on my face this morning.

07-08-05 | Sunday Ride

We took a ride up to Orillia with Danny & Marilyn to visit John and Sharon, our former neighbours from Thunder Bay, who just last week, (re-)re-located to Orillia after a few years in Ottawa. The credit for these shots (excluding the first one) goes to Jess. I was busy focusing on the road. Some pretty good shots here.