What am I doing here?

Man, I thought this blog thing was going to be easy (and maybe even a little fun). I had all these (supposedly) great ideas come screaming out of nowhere when I first envisioned this bastard son of a web monkey. But now I find myself staring at the screen thinking "Is that even worth posting here for no one to read?". Maybe that's the problem. I know no one is reading this thing yet. I should just send it out to a few people in the hopes that a few of them at least give it a second shot after reading the pointless trite in my first few posts.

Still not sure what the format here is going to be... A diary... Movie reviews... Fiction laced with truth... Truth laced with fiction... A mix of all the above? I assure you it wont be all stream of consciousness crap like this. Call this "working out the kinks". My therapist says it's good for me, but I'm not totally convinced. The last time I listened to her I wound up in Tibet struggling through a year long vow of silence because she said I talk too much. Maybe I take things too literally. I should have just watched Seven Years In Tibet and called it a day.

No Beginning and No End

My first post... There. It's done.

Maybe not... Found out that Hawksley Workman was playing Toronto again in September. So I picked up my tickets this morning. For anyone who hasn't heard this man wail, check him out pronto. Poetry, Prose and Music all wrapped up into one mess of eccentric greatness. http://www.hawksleyworkman.com

In other concert news... It turns out we're going to miss the Ben Harper show that we have tickets for at the start of September. It coincides with a Motorcycle trip we decided to take for our 30th birthdays out to the east coast. Damn. And Damien Marley was opening too.

On the bright side, my friend Tyler got tickets for the Drive By Truckers show in October. Can't wait for that.