08-02-20 | Lunar Frostbite

Last night's Lunar Eclipse was pretty freekin' cool. On the downside, it took a very cold night to get such clarity. On the upside, I managed to narrowly escape frostbite and snap the half hour leading up to the total eclipse (no, not "of the heart" Bonnie Tyler! Jeez It's been what? 25 Years since that gem and you're still riding it for all it worth?)

The first pic is, by far, my favourite of the bunch. The next two after that are just wide shots with some stars in the frame, and the last six are the actual sequence.


08-02-18 | AutoShowDown

We went to the Toronto International Auto Show on Monday... Pretty much just for the excuse to take some pictures in a Camera-safe environment (It's been a long winter). Jess had hers, and I had mine... So in the immortal words of Maestro Fresh Wes... "This is a throw-down, a showdown, Hell no, I can't slow down, It's gonna go!"

08-02-15 | dwntwn

08-02-14 | Artcidental

I accidentally left the shutter open for 30 seconds and this cool bastard was the result.