WK 29 No Beginning No End

By Hawksley Workman

I've wanted to post this picture since I took it a few month's back, but couldn't come up with a song title that really suited it. I've been referring to it as "No Line on the Horizon", but I'll be damned if I'm going to put a U2 song on this blog (Note: Unless it's Angel of Harlem).

We just had this printed on a 20" x 26" canvas and as soon as I saw it, the song above came to me. Its melancholy feel is exactly what I get when I look at this picture.

(Additional note: Jess just pointed out that "No Beginning No End" is actually the name of the very first post on this blog from 2006, how apropos.)

WK 28 Level

By The Raconteurs

I figure every photographer from Toronto has a few of these typical nighttime skyline shots in his/her portfolio, so I decided to add a few to mine as well. The first image is the one associated with the song and the second is just there to prove to myself that I can take a level picture while laying on my stomach on a pier.

WK 27 Morning Yearning

By Ben Harper

This is a shot I set up to enter into this month's contest at pentaxforums.com
(subject: Morning). I won last month's contest (subject: Streets) by 3 votes, and I'm hoping this one does well too.