08-05-04 | Ants Marching

Ok, enough of the text posts. Back to the pics.

08-05-03 | The H Factor

Well, I hate to say it, but I saw this coming since the trade deadline. Letting Huet go for a bag of peanuts would ultimately come back to haunt the Habs. Was Price good? Phenomenal, even? During the last quarter of the season... Yes, Absolutely! But does that mean that Gainey should have given up a proven netminder and left Carboneau with two rookie goaltenders to lead the team to the cup? Absolutely... Not! That's my opinion, and ultimately, that was their undoing (again, my opinion). Like it or not, it sucks, but it's the truth.

Maybe next season... But then again, maybe not. The ball is in Gainey's court...

Your serve, Bob.